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Because It’s Still Your Body, It’s Still Your Choice
Protecting Your Right to Choose for Over 40 Years

5c0d945cf9ac0be655a9eaec1932bf55 The Richmond Medical Center for Women has been providing abortion services to Virginia’s women and their families since 1973.
First trimester and second trimester abortion procedures are offered. Your safety, well-being, and future fertility are our greatest concerns.
The abortion cost may depend on how far along you are and what anesthesia you choose. We have surgical and non surgical abortions (also known as medical abortion) at our abortion centers.  Early abortion options are available. Free pregnancy tests are offered.
All services are confidential.

Please ask about funding assistance and insurance coverage

Services Offered:

First Trimester Abortion Procedures (5-13 Weeks)Medical Abortion (up to 8 weeks only)

  • Abortion by pill
  • local anesthesia
  • IV Sedation
  • Asleep
Second Trimester Abortion Services (14-21 Weeks)Two-day procedure
  • Day 1: In the Phyisicians Office
  • Day 2: In the Hospital (asleep)
Other Procedures• Options counseling (abortion, continuing the pregnancy and parenting, or adoption)
• Free pregnancy testing
• Ultrasound for pregnancy dating.
• Birth Control including Birth Control Pills, IUDs, Nexplanon, Depo Provera and Sterilization

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