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1st Trimester (up to 13 weeks from your last period)

Medical Abortion (up to 8 weeks)

This is also sometimes called a non surgical abortion or abortion by pill. It is an early abortion option.
After a thorough explanation of the procedure, the physician provides medication in the office as well as medication that you will take at home to end the pregnancy. Some women say that it felt like they were starting their period. Some women do, however, experience bad menstrual type cramping. A follow-up exam is required to ensure that the pregnancy has ended.

Painless (Asleep) procedure $495

(Available at Richmond abortion center only)
A Nurse Anesthetist evaluates you prior to the procedure and then starts an IV. At the time of the procedure, heavy sedation medication is administered and monitors are used to ensure safety. You are not aware and feel no pain during the procedure but awaken very quickly in the recovery room.

IV Sedation $395
(Available at Richmond & Roanoke abortion centers)
An IV is started in your arm, or hand, and medication is given which makes you more relaxed and comfortable, but not all of the way asleep for the procedure.

Local anesthesia $360

(Available at all of our abortion centers)
Medication is provided prior to the abortion being performed as well as medication at the time of the procedure. Cramping is to be expected during the procedure which takes approximately 5 minutes to perform.  Patients do well if they talk to their counselor during the procedure who is there to assist them while the physician performs the abortion.

Micrhogam/ Rhogam (for patients who are Rh neg) $50

2nd trimester (Up to 21 weeks from your last period)

(Available through Richmond location only)
This is a 2-day process: The first day is a pre-op visit in the physicians' office; The 2nd day is  at the hospital and  you are asleep for the procedure.

Physician’s fee    $539
Hospital fee       $761
Anesthesia         $400
Total                 $1700

Some insurance policies cover abortions.

There may also be some funding available from outside agencies.